"Providing Quality Care
in a Cost Effective Way"

Why Choose Us for Hospital Revenue Cycle Management

Healthcare Contracting and Consulting Services (HCCS) is a revenue cycle consulting company that works exclusively with hospitals located throughout the United States. We offer revenue cycle analysis and consulting services for hospitals as well as healthcare recruiting, contracting, and organizational management services. Our sole mission is to help hospitals to achieve Excellent Clinical Outcomes in a Very Cost Effective Way!

Our Hospital Revenue Cycle Consulting Team

One aspect that makes HCCS a very unique organization is that the consulting team is made up of a variety of hands-on and experienced medical professionals including nurses, physicians, and information system analysts with a combined 50 years of professional experience. This leadership by experienced medical professionals combines important perspectives from multiple sources. It also offers a more thorough approach to locating and identifying problems and determining revenue retention solutions.

Revenue Cycle Consulting Services for Hospitals and Healthcare Clinics

The HCCS revenue cycle consulting and organizational management team consists of experienced medical professionals including:

  • A Chief Medical Officer, who is an MD
  • An Internal Medicine Consultant
  • An Oncologist Consultant
  • A Cardiologist Consultant
  • An Emergency Nurse Consultant
  • A Nurse Practitioner Consultant
  • One BSN Registered Nurse with 25 years of experience, as the Team Leader
  • Three Registered Nurses with 30 years of combined experience
  • A Revenue Analyst with 10 years of Revenue Cycle Management for Hospitals

When working with this team of professionals and experts, you will benefit from each team member’s professional experience and expertise. To learn more about how our consulting team can help your hospital improve revenue retention through our revenue analysis and organizational management services, please contact our healthcare consulting and contracting company.

Why Hospitals Need Revenue Cycle Consulting

Many hospitals are feeling the burden as the economy worsens and a number of people lose their jobs and consequently health insurance. As a result, hospitals struggle to survive as they face decreases in the number of patients who can afford to pay their medical bills. Because of this, it is becoming more important than ever for hospitals to focus on good revenue cycle management. Hospitals must evaluate their current situation in order to discover problem areas and determine plans for improvement.

With good revenue cycle management, hospitals can help ensure that they are able to pay necessary expenses without sacrificing the ability to offer superior medical care to patients. Good revenue cycle practices can mean collecting payments from as many patients as possible while reducing wasteful spending. At HCCS, we find that the best approach to revenue cycle management will come from a thorough analysis of each hospital’s revenue cycle and overall situation. At HCCS we believe that there is no universal plan that will bring about the best organizational management and revenue cycle management practices, but instead that the best model is one customized to a particular organization. For this reason, our revenue cycle consulting team will analyze each client to develop the best, customized program.

To learn what the best model is for increasing revenue retention in your hospital, contact our hospital consulting and contracting company for our hospital consulting and organizational management services.