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Healthcare Recruiting, Contracting Services, and Organizational Management

As part of our healthcare consulting services, Healthcare Contracting and Consulting Services can help recognize and address organizational management issues and staffing problems in hospitals. Our teams of experienced professionals are available to evaluate human resource problems and offer recruitment and staffing services for hospitals. We can also locate specialized physicians as needed for each hospital. We will help guide hospitals through the processes of recruiting and hiring qualified staff members including physicians, nurses, and management. By working from our experience and industry knowledge, our organizational management teams can identify the strong areas that exist within an organization while also determining the areas that are in need of improvement.

Healthcare Recruiting and Staff Recruitment for Hospitals

Our Organizational Management Services for Hospitals

Our organizational management services utilize a proven model to help pinpoint issues and determine plans for improvement within hospitals of all sizes. Our team of professionals can work with your hospital or organization to identify both the strengths and weaknesses within your organization. Many times, the findings that result from our revenue cycle analysis and consulting services will show that human assets were not assigned or managed appropriately. Therefore, our organizational management services will help to develop and implement a plan that can address and improve procedural or management issues.

The management specialists at HCCS begin our organizational management services by performing a thorough analysis of the current system that each client has in place. We then will work with the executive management to implement a new model that is customized for each department within a hospital. Our contracting and organizational management programs allow hospitals to best utilize their human resources. These services can also identify areas where human resources are lacking and additional recruitment is needed.

Our Physician Recruitment Services for Hospitals

In addition to offering thorough organizational management and management analysis services, our services also include physician and staff recruitment. With this service, we can recruit qualified personnel for short term or long term work at hospitals throughout the country. Our contracting and staff recruitment is often part of a plan to address human resource problem areas that have been identified through an overall organizational management assessment within a hospital.

At Healthcare Consulting and Contracting Services, we work primarily with hospitals that are located in rural areas. In these areas, we understand that hospitals frequently have a need to find qualified specialty physicians and medical staff. Because of this, we focus our recruitment efforts on those specific problem areas. We offer physician recruitment and hospital staffing services for:

  • Cardiologists
  • Oncologists
  • Urologists
  • Orthopedists
  • Nursing Staff

To learn more about our services or to request our recruitment, contracting, or organizational management services for your hospital, please contact our healthcare consulting and contracting company.