"Providing Quality Care
in a Cost Effective Way"

Hospital Consulting, Recruiting, and Organizational Management Services

Healthcare Consulting and Contracting (HCCS) is a hospital consulting company serving hospitals and clinics located around the country. We offer a variety of services to rural and critical access hospitals including revenue cycle consulting, recruiting and contracting, and organizational management consulting services. HCCS is made up of a team of experienced professionals, which includes physicians, nurses, and information system analysts. Our main goal is to help hospitals and healthcare organizations to streamline processes in order to become healthy clinically and financially!

Consulting Services

As a revenue consulting company for hospitals and healthcare clinics, we can provide a thorough revenue analysis for any hospital or clinic. Using this analysis, we will identify problem areas and develop a realistic revenue retention plan.

Contracting Services

We offer contracting and recruiting services to help rural and critical access hospitals locate and hire qualified medical personnel including physicians and nurses.

Organizational Management Services

Our organizational management consulting services will help hospitals and organizations to identify strong areas within an organization as well as the areas of personnel management, which could benefit from improvement.

How Healthcare Contracting and Consulting Helps Hospitals

HCCS offers unique services to our clients as compared to other hospital consulting companies. While many other hospital consulting companies focus purely on cost cutting measures and revenue cycles, we emphasize a more thorough approach. The trademark of HCCS, which sets our hospital consulting and contracting company ahead of the competition, is our development and design of a customized clinical model for each client. We use careful analysis of each client’s situation in order to identify problem areas and determine plans for improving these areas while still allowing hospitals to provide patients with the highest levels of care. Each revenue retention plan will be unique to the customer, but these customized clinical models are ultimately aimed at:

  • Decreasing Re-Hospitalization Rates within a 30 Day Period
  • Keeping the Readmission Length of Stay to a Minimum
  • Ensuring Continuum of Care
  • Saving 10 to 15% of Operational Costs, and therefore, increasing the profit margin by that much

We stand by a philosophy of “No Excuses, Just Results.” Guided by this principal, we believe that hospitals should be able to maximize and increase revenues while not compromising the quality of care that is offered to patients. With our revenue cycle consulting services, recruiting and contracting services, and organizational management services, we are able to help hospitals streamline practices and improve existing deficiencies.

Our clients can include all types of hospitals and stand-alone clinics including rural and critical access hospitals throughout the United States. If you are interested in our healthcare consulting or recruiting services for your organization, please feel free to contact our hospital consulting company. You can also learn more about the benefits of choosing our healthcare consulting and contracting company on our About Us page.

Hospital And Healthcare Consulting, Recruiting, and Organizational Management Services